Get to know Deb...

First of all, I want to say “Thank you” for stopping by our website!

I was born and raised in North Dakota and still call it home. I will be the first to tell you that I prefer beaches and ocean over the cold and the snow, but I love the land and people of ND. If you haven’t been here, I recommend you come and visit!


Who I am...

So here is the shortened version of “who I am”. First and foremost; I am a wife to my wonderful husband Neal and a mother to three beautiful children. I am an entrepreneur at heart and have always been one!

I love getting in the trenches to problem solve and focus on getting results. Like most entrepreneurs, I have many interests and so far have been able to explore most of them successfully. My history has been working with alongside my husband as he grew his practice, owning my own photography studio for 10+ years in which I would shoot close to 40 weddings a year and organize 600 soccer kiddos in 6 hours (whew that was fun!) and I loved it!

In 2005, our family went through some personal tragedy and it was at that point, I knew life would never be the same. We sold our business in 2007 and I decided to focus on what truly was important to me and our family. I was having tugs on my heart to seek "More" and do "More”.. But I had no idea what that meant!

I started listening to my inner voices and it led me down a path of DREAMING again, visions of living a life of DESIGN versus a life given to me by default.

  • A life where there is purpose and meaning versus doing the same thing every day like a robot.
  • A life where I am grateful to wake up and "GET TO" be here doing something I LOVE!


From 2007-2011 I worked on my own doing marketing and business consulting from home. This is where I got my first experience with the Direct Sales Industry and where I met Aymee! (Thank goodness – as she is just awesome and has become one of my best friends to date!)

What I have learned is that when the focus is on authentically helping others succeed and modeling to them what needs to be done great things can happen. I would not trade this experience for the world as it has been a great teacher of lessons to me and has brought me lifelong friends. Not to mention, an extra income, earned vacations, and fantastic products that I love!

In 2011, I was recruited to be to the Director for the ND Women's Business Center. For about five years I was coaching women as they take steps toward their goals and design the career they want that fits with their lifestyle. Our team has successfully created many different programs across the state to include a six month Women's Leadership Program, an annual Women's Business Summit and Leading Ladies Luncheons to honor women who are making a difference in ND.

I was honored to find out that our center was selected for the 2016 National Women's Business Center of Excellence Award! So proud and humbled of this accomplishment. 


In spring of 2013, I joined the John Maxwell Team and became a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach. I have always been a huge fan of John's leadership principles and wholeheartedly believe we need to invest in growing ourselves.

John continually reminds me that the most important person we can lead is our self and if we can't lead our self how can we lead others? You are either moving closer to your goals or further away from your goals by you daily habits. You can learn more here and while you are there don't forget to claim your free gift!


So that brings me to today!

I have worked with so many wonderful like-minded people from all around the globe through traditional business and the direct sales industry over the years. It is my goal to build a network of other like-minded entrepreneurial women from around the globe and create a network of savvy business women and help each other grow. I am excited to share the personal and business development skills that I have picked up and learned along the way and coach others to reach their goals.

I believe that together we can continue to grow as a strong and purposeful community of women that will make a difference.

I encourage you to reach out to connect and see if we can help you move toward a life by design.

P.S. In addition to the fun things I get to do above, I LOVE to travel as often as I can, go hunting with my husband every November, watch football (specifically the Steelers and wave my terrible towel every Sunday afternoon), have a nice tall glass of beer or wine, go camping (yes, in a tent) and have as many campfires as we can. I also coach soccer for my daughter or watch my other daughter dance! I am blessed to enjoy every moment as I know life is short and can end in a blink of an eye.

Cheers to having your best life yet!


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