How to Lead Yourself During Uncertain Times

leadership Dec 17, 2020

Could you have predicted that we would be forced to pause, in self-quarantines, social distancing becomes normal, we take on many new roles, kiddos are home, and your new office is in the corner of the living room? This description may describe many of your current situations.


How have you been coping and pivoting during these times of change?

What I know to be true is that the most challenging person to lead is yourself and during these uncertain times, now is not the time to put on the brakes. Leaders like you and I need to find ways to show up and have a voice that is different from the crowd. One that is calm, collective, and full of hope.

Hope that even though we may not have all the answers or know exactly what to do, we will get through this time and can become better because of the experience. 


How To Be The Change You Hope To See

I want to encourage you to add these tips into your daily routine as they have helped me tremendously.

  • Shift Your Focus: What...
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